Campground Rules

Updated 2/13/17
*We love pets. Pets are allowed at our campground just please be sure to pick up after your pet and keep them on a leash when outside. Pets may not be left outside unattended. If you are leaving the campground for some fun activities in the area and would like someone to keep an eye on your pet, please let us know.
*No fireworks are allowed on the campground.
Management reserves the right to evict, at our discretion without refund, any person whose conduct is objectionable or violates the campground's rules. 
While on the campground we like to photograph our activities, if you prefer not to have your picture taken please let us know. 
Rutherford Mountain Campground is in a rustic environment and there are animals, insects, and terrain that can cause injury. You must be cautious and aware of your surroundings. We want you to have fun and be safe at the same time. Our guests assume all the risks and danger incidental to the activity of camping in this environment. Rutherford Mountain Campground, its owners, agents and employees are not liable for injuries or property damage from such causes.  We do not give refunds for inclimate weather or personal emergencies. We may accomodate requests to move reservation dates dependant on site availibility.

This is a family oriented campground. we want everyone to have fun during their stay but we need to respect others for everyone to have fun. 

*Check-in is at 1pm and check-out is at 11am.

*Parents are responsible for their children's actions and they should be accompanied by an adult at the pool, bath house and during quiet hours. 

*Campfires need to be attended at all times or extinguished.

*Campfire wood is not allowed to be brought in from outside the campground. We have bundles of wood for sale by our campground hosts or the office. Please do not cut trees to make fire wood from on or around our property.

*No burning of trash or cigarette butts in the fire rings. Please put your trash in your trash bags for collection. 

*While at the swimming pool there must be minimum of 2 people and children under the age of 16 must have an adult with them to swim.
*No glass is allowed at the pool and all posted rules at pool must be followed.

*Please be courteous of other campers and do not park your vehicle where it blocks the access roads, or other camping spots. 

*Quiet hours are from 11pm to 8am. Children should be at your campsite during this time unless accompanied by an adult.

*Alcohol is allowed at the campground but should be used in moderation and be consumed at your campsite.
*Help keep our campground beautiful and keep your litter picked up. Trash will be picked up from the front of your campsite in the mornings. Please try to have it out by 10am.

*Excessive noise will not be allowed. Please respect your neighbors.

*No ATVs, Dirt bikes, Scooters or other non-licensed motor vehicles are allowed to be operated on the campground.